Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Special Report :: Stalkers

Generally, people take stock at the end of the year of their accomplishments, failures and how many concerts they made it to. For stalkers, I guess they see this time to reach out to the women in their lives that they lost.
Case in point:
My co-worker, S, went on a date with a well-off single male who is looking to be married. However, he is very dedicated to being a Hasidic Jew and needed her to convert in order for the relationship to work. She said no. End of story? Of course not. He sent 3 books to the office with titles like “Hasidic Jews for teenagers” which S definitely is not. That is weird and creepy.
Second case in point:
Another co-worker, A, met a guy, went out with him once and then he gave her a bizarre reason why they shouldn’t see each again. This was fine with A. Then he started calling and she didn’t pick up or return his phone calls. Just before Christmas, he left another message telling her that if she received an Ugly Doll it was from him. She told me this story on the day that a package arrived for her at work. I couldn’t believe that she didn’t want to open it right away and see what it was! A was afraid it was an Ugly Doll with a stake in its heart or something along those lines. Well, long story short, the package was an Ugly Doll. A never called the guy back and now, said Ugly Doll is on my desk because she didn’t want it. This is also weird and creepy.
My case in point:
I have 2 stalkers that have been trying to contact me lately. I haven’t talked to either of them since the spring of 2005 so I don’t know why they think I want to talk to them now. Stalker one called several times and finally left a poem on my answering machine. The poem was amusing but nonetheless weird and creepy. Stalker two sent me text messages on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and another day this January saying how great I am and how lucky he is to have me in his life, etc. Um, call me crazy but if I don’t call you or answer your text messages, I’m not in your life.

Let this be a lesson to all of you out there who are thinking of doing any of the aforementioned things…


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