Monday, December 05, 2005

Bangin' Breakfast

My boss decided that in order for our department (of 7) to be more comradely we should all spend quality time together each month doing something fun. Of course I got the greatest job of being the first one to pull something together. So, it obviously had to be good. I got turned down for ice skating at Bryant Park and watching one of the Christmas trees get lit up. Also, I got turned down for the free wine tasting with jazz music idea.
Finally, I turned to the only thing that everyone loves, FOOD. So, this morning I lugged in a suitcase to Manhattan from my digs in Jersey loaded with:
• Smoothie maker
• Waffle maker
• Waffle mix
• Butter
• Syrup
• Fresh Strawberries, bananas & raspberries
• Apple Sauce
• Smoothie mix
• Ice
• Blueberry muffins

Needless to say, our smoothie/waffle making party was a big hit and the rest of the office was very jealous! However, we were nice and did give people some of our leftover smoothies.


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