Friday, November 04, 2005

Army of Trent

Remember when Trent Reznor was a nice little boy with long stringy gorgeous black hair a fragile physique but a killer, angry voice? Well, he shaved his head, got JACKED and now looks like he just left the Marine Corp. But damn that boy can still sing.
The show at Madison Square Garden last night was phenomenal. I was lucky enough to score a floor GA ticket and was standing next to the stage for the whole show. Trent sweated his heart out (literally) as he took us through bad ass old school songs like “Head Like a Hole” and “Wish” to the ballads, “Hurt” and “Something I Could Never Have” to the new stuff “The Hand That Feeds” and “You Know What You Are?”
The stage looked amazing with crazy colored lights and hanging bars that looked like the random setting on a treadmill (the bars going up & down). At one point during the show a huge piece of glittery material covered the stage and images were projected onto it of horrors and then George W. dancing. But the most entertaining part of the show was Trent’s guitar player. This guy was CRAZY! It was hard to tell how he was even playing guitar because he kept flinging it around his body and the stage posing maniacally. I really can’t even describe how insane this guy was with his guitar but I strongly urge everyone to find him and watch him play guitar, AMAZING! Throughout the show he knocked over amps and threw his mic in between back-up singing and the guitar antics.
After almost 2 hours of playing NIN thanked the crowd, trashed their equipment and left for the night, no encore. Now I just have to recover my hearing and it’ll be all good. Thanks Trent, I needed that.


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