Monday, October 10, 2005

Drunk Email From My Brother:

!I just wanted to add:
A funny thing happened to me tonight. I'll tell you but sorry if it's out of order I'm jagermeisster drunk. Soooooo.... My boy got back from iraq today. We go to the bar in a boat... yeah, we went to the a boat.. anyway, it's raining like a son of a bitch so we are wearing ponchos. We look alittle silly especailly since john was wearing a bright pink poncho.
We come walking into the bar and get more drunk, then cause a scene, amost get kicked out. The whole time we are both telling bad pirate jokes because everyone knew we took a boat there, it was great. We leave on some what good terms with the owner of the bar and we start going back the my house.
We stopped under route 80 to moon some cars and... After that I noticed my friend was alittle drunk about half an hour later while we are in the boat so I jokingly got out of the boat said, "I'm walking" and walked away. I get around a bend and wait awhile. No sign of him. So I yell.. Nothing.. Finally I hear him down the river... He fell in the river! That's right! He's sitting in two feet of water in the boat! Well, me being such great friend I get in the boat and start scooping out water.
We make it back to my house which was not easy with the wieght of the water tipping us.. and john tipping us. We get to the kennel, then we drank beer... So now as I sit hear and tyoe this john is passed-out soaking wet in nothing but boxers sitting upright in a chair in the kennel for the girls that work at the kennel to find him in the morning. haha yes! I'm glad I got to share that will you.


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Blogger mk said...

your brother is a loon! they couldn't possibly have been in a boat on route 80...was it just a big car?

10:48 AM  
Blogger Becca said...

Rt. 46 & Rt. 80 have bridges over the Passaic River. When my dad or anyone launches a boat with the intention of returning to my dad's house you go under the highways. It's totally true!

4:52 PM  

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