Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Music Video Premier

photo by Susan Surface

Mommy and Daddy fed me pizza and ROCKED MY WORLD. Last night, at Cake Shop. I got the new Mommy and Daddy CD to review for and discovered a band that everyone should know about! The CD, "Duel at Dawn" comes out on 9.27.05 (you can pre-order from and at Cake Shop they were having a video premier for "Franconia Road."
At 8:00 pm the crowd was served pizza to go along with free Vitamin Water & 2-4-1 beers... who takes care of you better than Mommy & Daddy!
At 8:30 Mommy and Daddy played only 4 songs before the video premier, what a tease! This band oozes sexuality and old school rock all over the place. It was an amazing experience that everyone needs to have. Please find them when they come to your town or if you're in NYC their record release party is at the Mercury Lounge on 9.21.05.


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