Monday, February 16, 2009

Top 10 + 1 Albums of 2008

2008 gave us A LOT of fantastic new albums. Here are my top 11 in no particular order...

The Dandy Warhols - …Earth to the Dandy Warhols

I heart The Dandy Warhols SO BAD!!! They can do no wrong – my only complaint is they need to tour NYC more often!!

Bloc Party – Intimacy

I didn’t see this album on any Top Lists of 2008 which is a terrible tragedy!!

Santogold – Santogold

This album is a fun, fun time.

Beck – Modern Guilt

Another phenomenal album – THANK YOU BECK

Kings of Leon – Only by the Night

KOL’s best album to date.

Conor Oberst – Conor Oberst

A fabulous first solo album for Oberst. There are so many good songs I can’t pick a favorite.

Death Cab for Cutie – Narrow Stairs

I don’t think Death Cab can make a bad album.

MGMT – Oracular Spectacular

Totally this year’s hipster trend album – but with good reason!

Blitzen Trapper – Furr

I fell in love with “Black River Killer” and the rest of the album followed suit.

R.E.M. – Accelerate

When I got my iPod and transferred all of my old CD’s I fell in love with R.E.M. all over again. It was great to have a new album and see them on tour in 2008.

The Virgins – The Virgins

Great entertaining, dance-y first album. I hope they keep up the momentum!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

My 2009 New Year's Resolution is to write more... I think I mentioned this a few posts ago. Anyway, you can tell from my first post coming in mid-February that I'm doing a stand-up job!

I actually kept a travel diary the whole 2.5 weeks I spent in Ireland/London so I actually have done some writing... now I just need to update the blog! I most definitely will post some photos & anecdotes from my trip in the near future. PROMISE!

Also, I'm sure you're all anticipating my top albums / concerts from 2008... my yearly musings on the year in music. This too will come soon. It requires more thought than I can actually muster right now.

So, check back soon!! Miss ya - mean it ;-)

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Dandy Wahols - Mis Amigos Remix

Friday, August 08, 2008



Bloc Party: Webster Hall, NYC: 8.7.08


Bloc Party f'n ROCKED last night.

Here's the setlist:
Hunting For Witches
Positive Tension
Waiting For The 718
Price Of Gas
So Here We Are
The Prayer
Once A Future King
This Modern Love

Encore #1
Like Eating Glass
I Would Die 4 U
She's Hearing Voices

Encore #2!?!

This was the first time I've seen Bloc Party and certainly not the last. I thought their last album was a little mellow for my taste but the new songs are back to the same rock your socks out formula that I fell in love with.

A guy next to me at the show said "this is like seeing the Beatles before Ed Sullivan. They are the future of Rock n' Roll"

I don't know if I'd go that far but DAMN it was a good show.

Thanks Bloc Party... I needed that


So, I suck at blogging. I need to update my page more often so you guys can read about all the fun stuff I do and I am breaking your hearts.


I'm already planning my New Year's resolution for 2009 and it's going to be to write more... in my journal & on the blog. So everyone get ready for 2009!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Hoop Class!

Hula hooping is perhaps one of the funnest crossover activities from childhood to adult. I've always been a natural at hooping (won the Hoop Contest at my best friend's dad's company picnic as a teen) and have always wanted to learn tricks.

Finally, I decided to pursue this dream and came upon It's a class for hoopers of all abilities to hone their skills and learn new ones. I've gone to 2 classes so far and aleady know a few tricks!

I really just can't say enough good things about it! So, I encourage all of you to dust off that hoop and join the fun!

p.s. don't miss out on World Hoop Day this year, 8.8.08

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Greatest Slogan Ever!

Check out to order items with this tag. I got the bumper stickers!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Top 6 Shows of 2007

I realized that I haven't done any "top music something of 2007" yet this year so here we go!
In 2007 I saw 6 bands that I haven't seen play live before and all of the shows were top notch. So, everyone gets a shout out.
Here they are in date order:

February 24, 2007 - The Lemonheads, Maxwells, Hoboken
WOW! It was a real treat to see The Lemonheads play a tiny show. Evan Dando has still got it after all these years.

May 8, 2007 - Ben Gibbard, Town Hall, NYC
This show was super fun all around! Ben Gibbard played all my favorite Death Cab & Postal Service songs solo.

May 15, 2007 - Arctic Monkeys, Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC
I bet I looked good on the dancefloor! The AM show was a great stress release with all the dancing and singing. This show totally ROCKED!

July 17, 2007 - Shout Out Louds, Luna Lounge, Brooklyn
I <3 the SOL so bad. I was so psyched to see them play and they did not disappoint. Their songs are so good and they really put their heart in to the performance. Two thumbs up!

August 9, 2007 - The Moody Blues, Radio City Music Hall, NYC
I got my dad a ticket to this show for Father's Day because he likes the band and I had never seen them live so I thought it would be fun. MB played an awesome show - they have so many good songs that I don't hear very often and the band was as solid as they were oh so long ago.

October 9, 2007 - The Hives, Webster Hall, NYC
Like SOL The Hives are from Sweden (yeah Sweden for giving us some great rockin' bands!). The Hives are so energetic and entertaining. They make sure that you have a good time at their shows. From their matching outfits to their stage personas it's win win all around.