Friday, June 24, 2005

Sleater-Kinney, Roseland Ballroom, 6/23/2005

I went to see Sleater-Kinney last night for about the 25th time and they never fail to amaze me. Corin was looking cute as ever in a leopard tank top that I couldn’t tell if it was attached to the black knee-length flow-y skirt or not. I miss her red hair though! Janet was uncharacteristically in a white sequined tank top (she always wears black). And Carrie of course was wearing a collared navy button down with small white polka dots while she jumped, kicked and danced around the stage.
They started off the show with the first song from the new album “The Fox” and totally brought the house down. Then they went on to “Wilderness” before they played “One More Hour” off of the “Dig Me Out” ep. The girls weren’t very talkative (not that they usually are, but sometimes) and all we got were a few “thank yous” and “it’s good to be back in NY.”
I’ve seen some of the set lists from recent shows and it seems like they played more songs & older songs at this show. S-K played most of “The Woods” including my current fave “Jumpers.” They also played a few songs off of “One Beat” like “Light-Rail Coyote,” “Sympathy” and the song about the twin towers, “Far Away.”
For the FIRST encore s-k played some song that I’ve never heard before, I think it was a cover and it was great because Janet started out singing then her & Corin sang the chorus, followed by Carrie singing, chorus and then Corin finishing it up! It was super-fantastic to hear them all sing a song like that :-) I’m so in love! <3
Then, S-K comes out for a SECOND encore, dedicates the song to Glen and starts ripping into the Danzig song “Mother.” I was dumbfounded and absolutely amazed at how awesome it was!! Good job girls! Of course at this point the two girls in front of me start making out and causing a scene while I’m trying to sing/dance and see the stage through the mess of people. (Luckily S-K fans are mostly on the shorter side). Anyway, the crowd was kind of young and I don’t think they appreciated the Danzig song like I did! Then the girls finished it up with “Words + Guitar,” an all-time concert ending crowd pleaser and the crowd went nuts! And, my concert tee was only $15… EAT THAT CLEAR CHANNEL!


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