Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Why I love Cork, Ireland:

*This is the other city that never sleeps *The enchanted forest (see photo)
*It is full of HOT guys with INCREDIBLE accents
*Everyone is ridiculously nice and outgoing
*They love to drink
*The River Lee (and the numerous empty kegs awaiting take away)
*The beds at Sheila’s hostel (unfortunately we only spend an hour sleeping in the during the course of 3 nights)
*Kopparberg 7% cider (we discovered it at The Lobby)
*Irish jams at The Lobby & the cute old guy who played with his son at the pub next door
*Drinking on the sly on the sidewalk outside of the pub
*Holding hands
*Sharing the newest American “slang” with the locals (I swear people say “spicy pie”)
*Open bus top tours
*That church with the gold angel
*En Brogue (? something like that) where the fun only begins
*You never get a hangover
*Driving stick on the wrong side of the car
*The pub that signed a postcard for Ceallaigh’s mom
*The jail tour


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