Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Living It Up At The OC

The Shark Hole

Ocean City, Maryland, sure they have great beaches, a killer boardwalk and great bars but the real clincher is mini-golf. Yep, mini-golf. My brother & I go to the OC every year and hit up at least 1 mini-golf venue each time and we are no way near done. The courses range from an enchanted forest to an African safari to a space land and medieval times. Unfortunately some of them look cool but have really boring putting greens. Over Labor Day weekend, we went to yet another mini-golf place that didn’t look too exciting but was the first one that we saw open at 10:30pm so we didn’t want to take chances going elsewhere. The small little place with a beach theme was the greatest mini-golf place we have been to on the strip so far! The holes were inventive and each one was different with hills, jumps over water and fun obstacles. Somehow the tables have turned over the years and my brother seems to beat me all the time at mini-golf but it’s always a close game. He putted on par and I was 4 over.


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