Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Fluppy Dogs

The greatest cartoon in the whole entire world is The Fluppy Dogs. I just found out today that is was supposed to be a series but never made it past the 1 hour pilot episode (which is amazing). The story is about dog-like creatures from a world of snow and rainbow lights who travel to different worlds opening invisible doors with keys. They get stuck in our world and the story is about them trying to find their way home. It’s an adorable story, the Fluppies can talk and when you pet them you’ll fly (and of course they love pizza)! I went on a mad hunt this morning to see if I could find the movie and found some pretty interesting sites. I got the pictures from http://www.alligatorjuice.com/fluplj.html. I’m trying to order the movie from http://www.jensraredvds.com/. And you can buy Fluppy dolls from eBay and other 80s toy sites. I highly recommend everyone try and see this movie!


Anonymous julialaura@hotmail.com said...

that was my favorite show when I was little. My parents had taped it for me and I watched it over and over again. Unfortunatly the tape died and I have no more Fluppy Dogs, I'm hoping to find it on dvd!

8:24 PM  
Blogger kims said...

I am also looking for this movie on DVD. It was my daughter's favorite and I want it as a gift. Did you ever find it?

1:14 PM  

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