Friday, September 30, 2005

I'm A Guru

It definitely was a mission for most of the crowd to get to Keyspan Park for The White Stripes/The Shins concert. Keyspan Park is just outside of Coney Island at the Cyclones baseball stadium and a LONG subway ride from Manhattan. According to my friend Mina, we always get asked for directions because we have puffy, round cheeks which makes us look like we smile a lot and therefore makes us approachable. SO, 9 people on the Q train came up to me to see if I knew how to get to Keyspan Park. Now I’ve been to Coney Island once on the train & I don’t even live in New York but I checked the Cyclones website and got directions… if I could do that, why couldn’t they??
Anywhen, so they dubbed me the guru and were going to follow me like the piper to the show. How fickle they were though because as we shuffled off the train at the Coney Island stop they all decided to turn left up the stairs and I turned right toward the Surf Ave. sign (which is the street where the venue was).
Eventually everyone got there – I had gone to the bathroom and gotten a beer by the time the “train people” arrived.
I was writing for at the show & a few people came up to me to see what I was writing for. One guy, it turned out, had been a senior editor at Spin magazine! He gave me his card so *fingers crossed* maybe I’ll have something published in Spin some day…
The White Stripes played an amazing show with most of the songs from the new album. Kudos to their simplistic yet eerie set design of red, smoke, white feathery trees and some eerie-looking Virgin Mary & Crucifix statues (from what I can tell). If you want to read a more in depth review go check out Loose, in fact, do it anyway :-)


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