Wednesday, November 09, 2005

It's THAT time of year again

OK, I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet but I don’t even like Thanksgiving that much (might be the whole I’m a vegetarian and don’t care for football thing) and you do need to start getting ready for Christmas waaaaaay before December. Normally, I start buying people little Christmas presents as early as the summer so I don’t have to spend too much money all at once. And, last minute shopping is not my cup of tea. I nearly go berserk waiting in line to purchase things (why should I have to wait on line to give YOU money). So, I realized about a week ago that I better get my ass in gear because I had not purchased one single gift so far. Now, a week later I am finished shopping for my mom (Golden Girls on DVD seasons 1-3) and got some stuff for the rest of my family and friends; all of it purchased online! My favorite site is since everything is priced really well & the shipping is very minimal (which is why I hate ordering things, shipping is usually outrageous). My brother has informed me that is the devil so it’s a good thing we have Santa to counteract my badness… or what was that about Santa spelling out Satan…
So I guess I really have no point with this whole blurb except to inform you that I have started Christmas shopping, have not yet stepped foot in a store (though it will happen, I promise) and if you want something in particular for Christmas, comment now or forever hold your peace!


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