Thursday, January 05, 2006

it's all about first impressions

The new Strokes album came out on January 3 and I was filled with anticipation. I absolutely loved the first two records and couldn’t wait for some more rockin’ tunes. I pre-ordered the CD so I got the “deluxe” package which included a 7” of their single “Juicebox.” Well, after a few days of excitedly coming home and checking the mail, last night it was waiting for me when I got home from work. The first cool thing about “First Impressions of Earth” is that the deluxe edition comes with “picture cards” of each band member so you can have your favorite as the cover (or change it up or keep the original cover pictured here). The Strokes have always had cool looking art included with the albums and this one is no exception.
So, time for the music.
Well, at this point I only listened to the CD once so I don’t feel I’m giving it a fair assessment at all, BUT where are all the rockin’ songs??? Julian Casablancas (love that name), you go and get married and you can’t rock out anymore??? I was disappointed. A few reviews I read of the album were all gushing about The Strokes “mature” sound but I liked the fun, quirky, short, dance, rock songs of the previous two albums and “First Impressions” doesn’t have any. Don’t get me wrong, the music sounds great and I absolutely love Julian’s lounge-rocker voice but I miss the beats you can dance to!! So, that is my first impression of “First Impressions of Earth.”


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nah...I bet somehow this is all drew's fault.

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