Monday, June 05, 2006

Meg Ryan Hates Me

I went to the Pearl Jam concert at Continental Airlines Arena on Saturday, June 3. It was going to be a rather uneventful night, just a regular concert experience. Love Elizabeth & I arrived at the show about an hour and a half before to tailgate. Those Pearl Jam kids love their tailgating and we had to join in on the fun.
Once inside, our tickets were for the 100's section and slightly behind the stage. We opted to move a few sections over so we could see better. Right after My Morning Jacket's set (we caught 1 song) who would come over and sit in our section? None other than Meg Ryan and 2 of her girlfriends.
Shortly thereafter we got kicked out of our seats by the people who had tickets to sit there (what gives?). So we moved BEHIND Meg Ryan. Then, right before Pearl Jam came onstage, Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen sat down in front of Meg Ryan!
Ashley was wearing her typical oversized white tee/dress ensemble and MK had a big flannel shirt and jeans on. Ashley danced like she was on heroin and MK whispered into her boyfriends ear. Then Ashley turned around and offered gum to Meg & friends. Of course I had to lean over and ask for a piece. Now I can say, "I got gum from MK."
But why does Meg Ryan hate me? Simple.
I was dancing crazy behind her friend and kept hitting her in the back of the head by accident. I always apologized but I'm sure I was very annoying and Meg's friend wanted to kill me. We also got security called on us because Meg thought we spilled beer on her. We weren't drinking - it was the dude standing next to me - great projection distance with the beer!


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