Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Demon Days LIVE! (from the Apollo)

I was really sick last week and not at all up to going to a concert but I paid a good amount of money to see the Gorillaz show and knew that it would not disappoint. So, I drove into Harlem instead of going my normal public transit route. It actually wasn’t a bad drive and I ended up parking on the street so I didn’t have to pay for parking (good stuff!). I had heard that the Gorillaz LIVE were like the Wizard and only appeared on a screen in a puff of smoke as their characters – perhaps they did this in a previous tour but for this one they were all out on the stage. They did try to stay in the dark and much of the focus was on the guest performers but the 70’s style rectangle block screens lit up the band during certain numbers and Damon Albarn left the safety of his piano for the encore (the two guys next to us thought it was *special guest Thom Yorke* hahaha). The show was Demon Days LIVE so they played the whole album in its entirety and it was absolutely amazing! Definitely a great show not to have been missed – there were kids dancing on stage, a 14-piece orchestra, back-up singers and the Harlem Gospel Choir sang on “Don’t Get Lost In Heaven” and “Demon Days”.

Special Guests:
Kids With Guns – Neneh Cherry
Dirty Harry – Booty Brown
November Has Come – MF Doom
Feel Good Inc – De La Soul
Every Planet We Reach Is Dead – Ike Turner
Dare – Shaun Ryder & Rosie Wilson
Fire Coming Out of the Monkey’s Head – Dennis Hopper


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