Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Ben Gibbard Solo Show

Last night I saw Ben Gibbard & his pals David Bazan and Johnathan Rice.
Colin bought the tickets thinking that Ben was going to play a lot of The Postal Service songs but he was mistaken. But, I digress. Let's start from the beginning...

Johnathan Rice was a cute little hippie dude who spoke softly into the mic and made the audience sing along with his last song. We missed half of his set which I'm sad about but what we saw was fun & I'm going to have to find some of his recorded material.

David Bazan started off very rigid but quickly became a great "warmer upper" with some great lyrics and great covers of a Bob Dylan & a Radiohead song.

Then, Ben Gibbard came out with his acoustic guitar. He played a lot of Death Cab for Cutie songs, some The Postal Service Songs, a few originals and then some covers ranging from Donovan to Neil Young's "Harvest Moon" and Nirvana's "All Apologies" (he played this on the piano).

It was a quiet show, everyone stayed in their seats and swayed along to the music as Gibbard played his guitar or his piano and sang his face off. He thanked everyone for coming to see him instead of going to see The Arcade Fire and told us we could catch him, David & Johnathan later on Pay-Per-View in a cage match with the 15 members of Arcade Fire. That would be a site to see!!

The whole show lasted about 2 1/2 hours so Colin & I had some time to kill before catching our respective rides home. The theater was near Dave & Busters in Times Square so we played some air hockey & skee-ball. It's no cage match but here are the rusults (Becca:Colin):
Air Hockey 1:1
Skee-ball 3:0


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