Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Halloween ROCKS!

I love Halloween; it's my favorite holiday. Picking out and/or making my costume every year is always a fun challenge. This year I am living out my life-long dream of being Rainbow Brite!
Halloween Costumes Past:
2004- candy corn
2003- tinker bell
2002- angel (I made my own wings, they kicked ass!)
2001- glam rocker (I had to explain this costume to people... I thought EVERYONE knew Ziggy Stardust!)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Aftermath of the Business Trip

I was in Northern CA for work over the weekend and had to check out several Scandia Funland’s that we are using for promotions. Scandia is a pretty cool place! The inside is filled with all sorts of arcade games (including my faves “the dancing game” “pinball” and “air hockey”). They had all sorts of crazy games I have never seen before like a rafting game where you actually sit in a raft-type thing with a paddle and soccer game where you really kick the soccer ball! Outside they had bumper boats, a car race track, batting cages and mini-golf. It was more fun than Dave & Busters! (but no alcohol)
Of course I had to take some time out to play mini-golf with my Mom (she drove out from Reno to say "hi"). I won the first game by several strokes but then she beat me the next game by 1!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

I <3 Business Trips!

Work is sending me to San Francisco, CA today! I'll be returning on Monday with some kind of good story I'm sure. Actually, the places I have to go to have mini-golf... hmmmm

Monday, October 10, 2005

Drunk Email From My Brother:

!I just wanted to add:
A funny thing happened to me tonight. I'll tell you but sorry if it's out of order I'm jagermeisster drunk. Soooooo.... My boy got back from iraq today. We go to the bar in a boat... yeah, we went to the a boat.. anyway, it's raining like a son of a bitch so we are wearing ponchos. We look alittle silly especailly since john was wearing a bright pink poncho.
We come walking into the bar and get more drunk, then cause a scene, amost get kicked out. The whole time we are both telling bad pirate jokes because everyone knew we took a boat there, it was great. We leave on some what good terms with the owner of the bar and we start going back the my house.
We stopped under route 80 to moon some cars and... After that I noticed my friend was alittle drunk about half an hour later while we are in the boat so I jokingly got out of the boat said, "I'm walking" and walked away. I get around a bend and wait awhile. No sign of him. So I yell.. Nothing.. Finally I hear him down the river... He fell in the river! That's right! He's sitting in two feet of water in the boat! Well, me being such great friend I get in the boat and start scooping out water.
We make it back to my house which was not easy with the wieght of the water tipping us.. and john tipping us. We get to the kennel, then we drank beer... So now as I sit hear and tyoe this john is passed-out soaking wet in nothing but boxers sitting upright in a chair in the kennel for the girls that work at the kennel to find him in the morning. haha yes! I'm glad I got to share that will you.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bully of the Opera

Last night I went to see Phantom of the Opera for the first time. It was fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. As Mina said, we had the full NY experience, a misguided dinner, a show and aimlessly strolling around NY before my train home (check out her blog
But, perhaps the most interested part of the night was the fight that broke out in the two rows behind us during the intermission.
Fight? On Broadway? You don’t say?
Oh, I do say.
Perhaps the most uncouth, soprano-esque old man was making noise during the entire first half of the show (he was two rows behind us). We can only imagine that the people in front of him (behind us) asked him to be quieter when intermission started. Well, this DID NOT go over well with gramps and he started threatening the woman and her husband. The woman tried to defend her husband as he walked away saying “don’t you touch my husband” while the old man said he would “kick his ass.” Then old mans wife chimes in “you’re such a bitch.” At this point EVERYONE around them is looking at them in awe of this crazy display of irrationality and the 2 people next to the instigators who I can only assume were related to them somehow were trying to sink into their seats and pretend they didn’t know the crazies. Then the disgruntled man yells out “faggot” which was totally inappropriate.
At this point we had enough of the show and walked away discussing whether or not the guy would get thrown out of the theatre. While chatting in the lobby I saw the “relatives” of crazy & his wife quickly walking out of the theatre and when we returned to our seats we found out that crazy man was escorted out of the theatre by the cops. Only in New York my friends… only in New York.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Big Fish

This is a family photo of Patrick, Bing and Owen from the site

My boss, Patrick just brought us in homemade chocolate chip cookies last Friday. They were REALLY GOOD! Later that day, I found out he is a spear fisherman (along with his father and brother). Check out to learn more – it’s really fascinating! His father, Bing was Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs in the Reagan administration and has written several books about war and the military including one that was just released: No True Glory: A Frontline Account of the Battle for Fallujah. His brother, Owen served as a Marine infantry officer and has written several books as well. He has also written for the New York Times and was the “token male” on the Playboy X-Treme team during the Eco-Challenge. Oh the amazing things that you learn about your co-workers…

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Fluppy Dogs

The greatest cartoon in the whole entire world is The Fluppy Dogs. I just found out today that is was supposed to be a series but never made it past the 1 hour pilot episode (which is amazing). The story is about dog-like creatures from a world of snow and rainbow lights who travel to different worlds opening invisible doors with keys. They get stuck in our world and the story is about them trying to find their way home. It’s an adorable story, the Fluppies can talk and when you pet them you’ll fly (and of course they love pizza)! I went on a mad hunt this morning to see if I could find the movie and found some pretty interesting sites. I got the pictures from I’m trying to order the movie from And you can buy Fluppy dolls from eBay and other 80s toy sites. I highly recommend everyone try and see this movie!