Friday, September 30, 2005

Speaking of GURU...

I’m not really one for energy drinks, generally I like good old fashioned tea or flavored coffee (mmm, chocolate raspberry). But I am hooked on GURU. Check it out at From the first can you are totally hooked – I think they put speed in it. The first time I drank a GURU I was so hopped up I couldn’t even use scissors to cut a straight line. Now I can drink 3 of them and be fine yet extremely hyper. I went for a good few months without my fix but finally broke down and ordered 3 cases from the website last week… God help us all.

I'm A Guru

It definitely was a mission for most of the crowd to get to Keyspan Park for The White Stripes/The Shins concert. Keyspan Park is just outside of Coney Island at the Cyclones baseball stadium and a LONG subway ride from Manhattan. According to my friend Mina, we always get asked for directions because we have puffy, round cheeks which makes us look like we smile a lot and therefore makes us approachable. SO, 9 people on the Q train came up to me to see if I knew how to get to Keyspan Park. Now I’ve been to Coney Island once on the train & I don’t even live in New York but I checked the Cyclones website and got directions… if I could do that, why couldn’t they??
Anywhen, so they dubbed me the guru and were going to follow me like the piper to the show. How fickle they were though because as we shuffled off the train at the Coney Island stop they all decided to turn left up the stairs and I turned right toward the Surf Ave. sign (which is the street where the venue was).
Eventually everyone got there – I had gone to the bathroom and gotten a beer by the time the “train people” arrived.
I was writing for at the show & a few people came up to me to see what I was writing for. One guy, it turned out, had been a senior editor at Spin magazine! He gave me his card so *fingers crossed* maybe I’ll have something published in Spin some day…
The White Stripes played an amazing show with most of the songs from the new album. Kudos to their simplistic yet eerie set design of red, smoke, white feathery trees and some eerie-looking Virgin Mary & Crucifix statues (from what I can tell). If you want to read a more in depth review go check out Loose, in fact, do it anyway :-)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The OC Part Trois

Well, here I am, back from a most unrelaxing weekend in the OC. Why you ask? It was bike week which means 125,000 Harleys were all VROOMING non-stop all day and all night. It's hard to fathom how many bikers & bikes there were in this small town but now I know.
So, in keeping with tradition Colin & I played mini-golf Friday night at the Pirate golf place. This one we have been looking at for a while and just hadn't made it yet. Turns out we hit the jackpot. This place was two mini-golf courses in the same area so of course we had to take advantage! We started off with Volocano mini-golf where we got to see the worst volcano eruption ever produced. Literally some puffs of dry ice were spat into the air with accompanying multi-colored lights and tribal music.
The pirate battle was a little better with cannons lighting up and then splashes of water whooshing on either side of the battle. At the end the pirates lost, booooo. Pirate golf was also better than Volcano golf because there were actual water traps! Colin & I didn't fare too well with the water traps though and we both shot 8 over par. We're normally WAY BETTER than that. Colin beat me at Volcano golf. He again shot par while I shot 3 over... I think he practices when I'm not looking.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

The OC Part Deux

It's my mom's 50th bday (actually yesterday was). So we're going to meet her in the OC for fun & festivities. I promise to bring back yet another mini-golf report.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Living It Up At The OC

The Shark Hole

Ocean City, Maryland, sure they have great beaches, a killer boardwalk and great bars but the real clincher is mini-golf. Yep, mini-golf. My brother & I go to the OC every year and hit up at least 1 mini-golf venue each time and we are no way near done. The courses range from an enchanted forest to an African safari to a space land and medieval times. Unfortunately some of them look cool but have really boring putting greens. Over Labor Day weekend, we went to yet another mini-golf place that didn’t look too exciting but was the first one that we saw open at 10:30pm so we didn’t want to take chances going elsewhere. The small little place with a beach theme was the greatest mini-golf place we have been to on the strip so far! The holes were inventive and each one was different with hills, jumps over water and fun obstacles. Somehow the tables have turned over the years and my brother seems to beat me all the time at mini-golf but it’s always a close game. He putted on par and I was 4 over.