Monday, March 27, 2006

the best part of waking up

I discovered this great new cereal at Whole Foods. Now you can have your hemp and eat it too!
Side effects may include:
* Eating several bowls to fulfill your munchie cravings
* Mild hallucinations
* Propensity to end every sentence with “dude” or “man”

Sunday, March 19, 2006

An Old Gaelic Blessing

I hope you all have recovered from a fantastic St. Patrick's Day. Mine was full of fun, dancing and drinking (after a LONG day of work). I'd like to share one of my favorite Gaelic blessings in memory of my grandfather, Thomas Patrick.

May those who
love us, love us
And those that
don't love us,
May God turn
their hearts;
And if he doesn't
turn their hearts
May he turn
their ankles
so we'll know them
by their limping.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

i bet YOU look good on the dancefloor

Dear Arctic Monkeys,
I'm going through some pretty extreme emotions right now on the bad side of spectrum. You have been my solace. Thank you fast-rockin', hard-knockin', dance-inducing Brit boys! Your adorable accents, charming boyish looks and clever lyrics have me jumping and dancing in my room instead of crying.
Keep Rockin,

**this post is in memory of my grandmother, Dorothy**

Thursday, March 02, 2006

tickets! I love tickets!

I’ve been having an annoying problem lately. By the time I find out about an upcoming show I want to see, it’s sold out. This is starting to drive me mad.
These are the recent shows I missed/will miss because I don’t have a ticket

• 2/24 – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
• 3/3 – The Strokes
• 3/10 – Metric/Islands (ok, I waited a hot minute to buy this ticket so it's my fault)
• 3/25 – Arctic Monkeys
• 4/14 – Franz Ferdinand/Death Cab (this was sold out during pre-sale which is totally unfair!)

If anyone wants to sell/donate a ticket to the cause – HOOK ME UP!