Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Becca swims with dolphins in the Bahamas! Posted by Hello

As any Tri-Stater knows, going to the Bahamas in January is absolutely wonderful! I left sub-zero temperatures for sunny beaches and never wanted to return. A few years ago, I went to Mexico and missed my opportunity to swim with dolphins. It was something I always wanted to do and when I arrived in the Bahamas the first thing I noticed was Unexso where they offered Swim With Dolphins. I signed up right away.
The dolphin swim actually takes place in a private lagoon. A little boat took ten of us to the dolphin habitat and an instructor told us what to expect. Two dolphins (a boy and a girl) were swimming in a sectioned off area and we split into groups of five to swim with the dolphins for about an hour.
It was a magical experience to swim alongside the dolphins. We were taught different motions to make them sing and have splash fights, we got hugs and kisses (dolphins have fish breath) and they were so smooth to the touch. They were smart, gentle and playful and the experience will stay with me for a lifetime.